Important Reason NOT to Close AC Ducts for more Efficiency

AC vent

Closing too many AC vents can damage your compressor

Closing registers or supply vents is recommended by some as a way to save on energy costs. Unfortunately, this idea can actually backfire on homeowners if they close down too many vents.

AC systems are designed with a certain amount of air flow in mind. When a user closes vents, it reduces the amount of air flowing through the system. If too little air flows through the ducts and over the evaporator coil, the refrigerant fails to heat up and evaporate into its gas state properly. The amount of airflow is critical to boil the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. It has to absorb enough heat out of the house in order to change into a gas.

If the refrigerant stays in liquid form and gets into the compressor, it can cause serious damage to the compressor. Replacing a compressor is usually an expensive repair.

Poor airflow can also result from a dirty filter. See our tip on changing your filter here.

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