HVAC System Components

HVAC system components

A roof-mounted compressor is a common placement for commercial HVAC system components.

HVAC System Components

An HVAC system is a complicated collection of equipment that is responsible for controlling the interior temperatures of a home or building. However, most of these can be broken down into three basic HVAC system components:

  • cooling unit
  • condensing unit
  • refrigeration line

Cooling Unit

The part that most homeowners are familiar with is the cooling unit. Installed in a dedicated closet space, basement or attic, the cooling unit provides cooled air to the ducts that carry the air through the building. These functions are handled by the heat exchanger and evaporator coil located within the furnace.

Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is the workhorse of the HVAC system components. Located outside the building, a compressor condenses refrigerant gas that is cooled by heat exchange with the outside air. The refrigerant gas is converted to a liquid by the condensing unit and pumped through the refrigeration line to the main cooling unit inside the building.

Refrigeration Line

The refrigeration line connects the main cooling unit and the condensing unit.

All three components of the HVAC system are controlled by the thermostat, which is wired to the control mechanism of the cooling unit. By preprogramming the thermostat, the three HVAC system components can respond to the predetermined ambient room temperature and cool or heat the building accordingly.

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