A Guide to Seasonal HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance


Cleaning your HVAC system each season helps ensure its long life and service.

Your Guide to Seasonal HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance

Business ownership in Southern California means having an AC system. You will need to perform regular maintenance on your system if you want to avoid costly repairs. The question is: “When should you call a repairman to come to your building to clean and service your heating and cooling system?” If you want your unit to continue to maintain its peak performance, a good HVAC service contract should include a technician performing seasonal HVAC cleaning doing maintenance on your unit in the spring and fall. During the summer there are a few simple steps they can perform to help avoid a costly “emergency” repair call.

Spring HVAC Cleaning

In order to ensure your air conditioner is ready for the hot summer months, its best for the service technician to come out and perform the annual maintenance check-up of your unit. This is the best time to beat the rush and make sure your unit is operating, as it should just in time for summer.

Summer HVAC Cleaning

During the summer, your system is working overtime trying to keep your workplace cool and comfortable. If you start having problems with your air conditioner, there are a few simple things you can do before calling in your service technician. Clean away any debris, dust, or dirt that may have collected from around and inside your unit, and remember to change your filter every month.

Fall HVAC Cleaning

Toward the end of summer, your technician should take a good look at your heating and cooling unit. It might be time to have your ductwork cleaned. This will help to keep your system running through the winter keeping you and your staff nice and comfortable during the cooler months of winter.

Maintaining your HVAC unit is something you don’t want to avoid. Spending the money to have a technician maintain your system regularly is well worth it if you are able to avoid costly repair bills down the line.

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