HVAC Efficiency: Systems for Better Cost Savings

HVAC Efficiency is key for saving money on your heating and cooling costs.

HVAC Efficiency is key for saving money on your heating and cooling costs.

HVAC Efficiency: Systems for Better Cost Savings


When temperatures begin to soar, your HVAC efficiency is put to the test. As the system works to keep your house cool, it can begin to wear down and need repairs. The harder your HVAC system has to work, the less efficient it becomes and the more energy it needs to operate. When your HVAC system becomes less efficient and it starts costing you more money to keep your house cool, it may be time to start looking at some options.

HVAC systems are expensive, complicated and aren’t immune to wear and tear. If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bill, you may need to call a technician and have your HVAC system serviced. By servicing your HVAC and taking care of any minor repairs that may arise, you can cut your energy costs by up to 20 percent, according to the EPA.

There are times however, when repairing the system isn’t an option.

HVAC Efficiency Considerations when Buying a New System

If you find yourself needing to purchase a new HVAC system, keep the following in mind:

  • Find a system with the USEPA’s Energy Star Seal.
  • Purchase the model with the best HVAC efficiency for your needs if the Energy Star doesn’t rate an option you require.
  • Look for other energy-saving features such as a programmable thermostat and power-saving functions.
  • Look for equipment that uses as little energy as possible while in the “off” mode.

When the temperatures are scorching and you want to cool your house down in a hurry, you want a HVAC system that is operating at top performance. If you are not able to keep your house cool or you notice your energy bill is rising, it may be time to make repairs or replace your system all together.

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