Preparation for HVAC Emergencies

HVAC Emergencies

HVAC Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Plan ahead, be safe, and be prepared.


Preparation for HVAC Emergencies

While many organizations have an emergency-preparedness plan in place to deal with unexpected disruptions, very few have a plan in place to deal with HVAC equipment failures. When a heating and cooling unit fails, and there is no plan in place to deal with the failure, it can result in the loss of thousands of dollars. The best thing organizations can do is include a plan to deal with HVAC emergencies in the emergency-preparedness plan that is already in place.

Identify Equipment Failure Damage Potential

The first step that needs to be taken when developing the emergency-preparedness plan for heating and cooling system failures is to identify any equipment failures that would disrupt business operations. The most important determination is whether a disruption would be localized to specific areas of the building, or if a disruption would be building-wide.

Localized Disruptions

Localized disruptions are easier to plan for in case the heating and cooling system in the building fails. If the disruptions are limited to a localized area in the building, it will need to be determined whether or not normal operations can continue in that area or if they will need to be relocated to other parts of the building.

Building-wide Disruptions

If the failure of the HVAC system will cause building-wide disruptions, then the plan will need to include a way for providing heating and cooling with temporary equipment. With building-wide disruptions, it becomes a high-priority to take care of the issue. While some areas of the building may still be able to function without HVAC services, it is more likely that an equipment failure will disrupt operations significantly.

Including a plan to deal with a HVAC emergencies within an organization’s total emergency-preparedness plan is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having service disrupted due to the failure of a building’s heating and cooling system can cost an organization thousands of dollars. This impact can be lessened by simply taking the time to put a plan in place. Talk to your HVAC service provider to ask if they can help you make a plan.

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