Graves Heating and Air Office

Graves Heating and Air Conditioning Office

Graves Heating and Air Conditioning Service Company was founded in 1975 by Harold Graves and his two sons. Joe and Richard Graves have dedicated themselves to quality service for nearly 40 years.

You will find our technicians to be experts with repairing the smaller residential units, the larger 100 ton commercial units, and everything in between. We also help maximize energy efficiency by designing and installing control systems. The technicians on our service team have over 135 combined years of experience in the field.

Our approach to all customers is to keep their equipment in a “fresh from the factory” condition. Our technicians live by the philosophy to think about the equipment as though it is our own. “If it were my own equipment and I’d change a motor, I’d recommend changing a motor.” “If I’d try to go a little longer with a part, I’d recommend the same for my customer.” It’s all about: “What would I do if it were mine? How would I treat it if it were mine?” Our service policy is to take care of the customer to the best of our ability, as honestly and fairly as we can.

As part of our practice of treating our customers fairly, we try to help consumers make well-informed decisions about their heating and cooling needs. Our technicians take time to explain their diagnosis of the problem and the options for replacement or repair. We don’t recommend extra repairs so we can make a little extra on a job.

We want our customers to be smart about their cooling systems. This is why we have developed our Monthly Maintenance Tip program. So many repairs can be avoided by keeping your system well-maintained. If you would like to receive our Monthly Maintenance Tip in your email, sign up in the sidebar to your right today.

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